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Institute Annunciation of Mary

The joyful announcement

With Mary as model

She said:” Behold the handmaid of the Lord,
Be it done unto me according to thy word.”(Lc 1, 38)

Your specific mission is the following: "to present Virgin Mary to the people of today"
Fr. James Alberione


The annunciatines, imitators of Mary and
testimonies of the mystery of annunciation today
in the Church, model their lives following the example of
the Nazareth Virgin, that in the simplicity of daily life
has led herself be guided and transformed by the Holy Spirit,
has received Jesus and has given him to the world.


The announcement of the incarnation of the Son of God
and the assumption of Mary when saying: “Behold the handmaid….”
represent the biggest happening in the history of our redemption.
Therefore, Annunciatine means to participate in this happening,
making it revive in the   history of humanity of our time.


With Fr. James Alberione in the Church

“The apostolic reason, of the annunciatine, has reason of being
as for as it is in Christ and in the Church…To live the vocation
it needs that they integrate in the Church, and through the Church,
in Christ.”
(Beatified Alberione)

These words of the founder permit the annunciatines to assume the
character of ecclesiastity for which each one of us is transformed
in a sign of the Church, represent it and are in the service of the
God’s people.


Beato Alberione

“Each Institute of consecrated life is a gift that the Holy Spirit
gives to the Church and for the Church” (LG 43)


“The state of whom profess the evangelic counsels in those
Institutes belong to the life and sanctity of the Church….”
(Can. 574)

Consecrated in the world

annunciatines Filippine

The Institute “Annunciation of Mary”, added to the Saint Paul
Society, is one of the ten branches of the Pauline Family founded
by the
beatified Fr. James Alberione.


Approved by the Pope John XXIII in 1960, it is formed by misses
consecrated to God, with the profession of the evangelic
counsels, in their secular condition and in the ambit of their
social occupations, they dedicate to the diffusion of the salvation  message


The institute has as first purpose the glory of God and the  sanctification of its members. The special purpose is this:to serve and cooperate in the Church giving Jesus Master
Way, Truth and Life to humanity, with the diffusion of
Christian thought, of Christian morality, and the means of     individual and social life elevation particularly modern means.

“It is needed souls that love the Lord truly, that burn of love to
God, not people of half quality but generous souls ….
that make of  the word of God their central book of their lives,
That read it, live it and make it arrive to others so they will also
be light.”

(Beatified Alberione)


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